EDUCATE Training Employees on Health and Safety in the Workplace

If you've included your workers in the JSA (job site analysis) and possibly in the elimination of health and safety hazards, then training them on both general and specific steps for health and safety guidelines in the workplace will be the obvious next step.

General Occupational Health and Safety in the Workplace Training and Supplies Suggested for ANY Work Place:

1. A copy of the General OSHA Regulations

2. Labor Law Posters – OSHA, federal, and state labor law postings contain basic (and required!) need-to-know information at a glance.

3. Preventing Sexual Harassment Training

4. First Aid Training

5. Workplace Stress Training – Hazards aren't always from machines. Workplace stress can affect the workers ability to do their jobs. Training can help them deal with it before it impacts their job performance (and the company's bottom line!)

6. One out of every six violent crimes occurs in the workplace. Training on Workplace Violence can teach employees how to recognize the warning signs of possible violent behavior, as well as how to avoid or defuse potentially dangerous situations.

7.  Recordkeeping

8.  Emergency Evacuation

9.  MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets for any chemicals in amounts above household quantities. (These are provided by the manufacturers of the individual chemicals, and should be sent from the chemical supplier.  Even if a chemical is purchased from a superstore in multiple quantities (say, bleach), you may request free copies of the safety data sheets.)

10. Hazardous Chemical Safety Training - even if not in quanitites above "household" use, your workers need to be trained on safety handling chemicals (even if just cleaning chemicals).

How to Choose Worker Training on Health and Safety Guidelines in the Workplace:

1. Should be Reusable, and therefore accessible to use for all employees and supervisors, no matter the turnover.

2. Allows Supervisors to Visibly Participate in the training time, so that workers can see that training on health and safety guidelines in the workplace is supported by the administration from the top down. (This also allows the supervisors to better hold the workers accountable for the training they've been given.) If employees are asked to complete their safety training on individual computers with an online program, the group/team dynamic is lost, and accountability is diminished.

3.  Provides Quizzes and Games on health and safety in the workplace to help monitor the employee's comprehension of the materials. If they don't understand, they won't apply it, and your money on health and safety guidelines in the workplace will be wasted! Remember, being able to answer questions on a computer screen doesn't guarantee comprehension.  The group/team dynamic of a video/instructor-driven program allows the supervisors to interact during the review quizzes and games to make sure the employees understand (not just recite) the correct answers.