ELIMINATE Hazards in the Workplace

Outline the steps or tasks necessary to eliminate or reduce the risk factors.

Consider what control methods will eliminate or reduce the hazards in the workplace:

1. Is it a machine modification?
2. A change in the work environment?
3. An administrative change?
4. An alteration of the order of the job process?


Make the necessary modifications, changes, or alterations as quickly as possible to eliminate or minimize the occupational health hazard. If it is an easy fix or change, do it right away. This will demonstrate your commitment to eliminating health and safety hazards.


If the job process needs to be altered, train the workers on the process and post the JSA (Job Safety Analysis) that outlines the correct order of the job process.


Schedule recurring work site analysis reviews:

1. Evaluate what additional changes need to be made to prevent health and safety hazards.

2. Evaluate whether or not the employees are following the health and safety guidelines of the job safety analysis (JSA).