What Does an Occupational Safety and Health Program Involve?

1. Examine - Know your Industry's OSHA Rules and Regulations

2. Engage - Promote Involvement by the Management AND Employees

3. Evaluate - Perform a Work site Analysis

4. Eliminate – Hazards in the Workplace

5. Educate – Train your management and employees on healthy workplace policies

These five steps apply to any company, large or small. If you are beginning an occupational health and safety program, use these five steps for your safe workplace plan. If you are re-evaluating existing safe workplace policies, look them over in light of these five steps. These steps in and of themselves don't guarantee OSHA compliance, but this approach will help you stay on track as you advance your company toward occupational health and safety. This approach can make the process affordable and manageable, especially if it is included in the day-to-day operations of the company. The goal is to make occupational safety and health awareness become second nature to both the management AND the employees.

It's a win-win for all: a safe workplace for the workers and the potential for a considerably more profitable business as a result. It pays to implement an occupational health and safety program!