EVALUATE Your Work Site for Workplace Hazards

It is every employer's responsibility to know the existing and potential workplace hazards that could hurt their workers.

JSA (Job Safety Analysis or Job Site Audit) is a group of processes that gives the employer a plan of action to keep the workers safe by identifying and eliminating or minimizing work hazards. Many workers are injured and killed at the workplace every day. A supervisor can use the results of a JSA  to eliminate and prevent these devastating work hazards.

What Jobs Need a Job Hazard Analysis?

1.Workplaces with the highest injury or on-the-job-illness rates.

2.Tasks with the potential to cause significant injuries or illness, even if no prior history of such injuries or illnesses exist.

3.Tasks in which one simple human error could lead to a significant injury or illness.

4.Tasks that are new to your operation or have had changes in processes and procedures.

5.Tasks intricate enough to require written instruction.